The Tourist Map Vancouver (Japanese Edition) has been the most widely distributed Japanese map in BC since 1991. Supported largely by local Japanese businesses & organizations, the map is the perfect way to explore Vancouver and its neighbourhoods.

Starting this year in collaboration with Club ESL, a local tour operator and events company that specializes in activities geared towards international students, we are proud to announce the English Edition of the map. With the introduction of the English Edition, we hope to showcase Vancouver, the best place in the world, to an even wider audience.

The map will be freely distributed, and require the support from local businesses and organizations like you. For the 2015 edition, all advertisement prices are 40% off (*for applications received before the end of August).

Application are processed on a first come first serve basis. With the English edition, this is your chance to connect with Club ESL, major tourist destination, schools and restaurant groups.

2016 English Edition published.

Please see the online version Map below.

Publication Date: April 2017

Circulation: 50,000

Our map is made possible by our sponsors like you. Contact us for details on advertising details

2016 English Edition
Issued on March, 2016

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