For over 25 years, the Tourist Map Vancouver has been loved by tourists, students, temporary Visitors and residents of the Japanese community in beautiful British Columbia and beyond.

Map Key Points


1. Easy to see, simple, and visually pleasing design made with the users in mind

2. Major Japanese restaurants, schools and tourist operators located on the map

3. Packed with information so you can discover Vancouver without getting lost

4. Collaboration with, the largest Japanese language media in the Lower Mainland

5. Over 25 years of publication. Supported. Trusted. Loved.

Circulation Areas


Vancouver International Airport (YVR)
Consulate General of Japan
ESL Schools
Major Hotels in Vancouver and Richmond
Restaurants, Retail Shops and Schools on the map
Student information centres
Travel agencies
Tourist attractions

Publication Notice


2018 Japanese Edition published.

Plese see the online version Map below.

Publication Date: 2018 March
Circulation: 100,000

Our map is made by our sponsors like you. Contact us for advertising details

2018 Japanese Edition

Publication Date: 2018 March
Circulation: 100,000

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